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This popular toolkit is the tool of choice for system admins and developers alike, providing reliable and powerful standard applications for your web, desktop and mobile projects. A: There are a variety of PHP exec() wrappers available. This one should be most appropriate for what you are trying to do. Make sure your Web server is setup to allow EXE files to be executed (e.g. PHP runs as web server - use an absolute path instead of relative) For example, the following code loads a simple "Hello World" EXE file into the server's memory: array('pipe','r')),$pipes); $status=$process['return']; echo "Type in the name of an EXE file:"; $name=array_shift($pipes); echo "Process ID is: "; echo $status; echo "The output was:"; print_r($pipes); proc_close($process); ?> Once the EXE file is executed, the above code will give you the process ID of the EXE file. A large focus of contemporary stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) is the development of a simple, effective, and accurate tool for intraoperative targeting of tumors and tumor-associated vasculature, with a concurrent delivery of radiotherapy. Concurrently, a growing field of interest involves the development of immunotherapies that exploit the immune system to attack tumors and tumor-associated vasculature in the same patient. With these two fields in mind, we are developing a unique hybrid small animal imaging system, combining full optical transparency with the non-invasive measurement of ultrasound (US) pressure waves. The eventual goal is to provide radiation oncologists with an optical-US imaging system suitable for intraoperative targeting, with concurrent delivery of radiotherapy. For intraoperative targeting, we believe that the best approach is to develop a tool with both high spatial resolution and a wide field of view, to allow a complete examination of the surgical site. For treatment of cancer, a tool that allows concurrent delivery of radiation, and is suitable for the treatment of small lesions, is desirable. With the ultimate goal of treating primary and metastatic brain tumors, a system that is safe and




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