At candle.wtf (Wow, That's Fantastic!) we believe in candle therapy and we also believe that sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you've got this.  


That's why we created "YOU GOT THIS" bundle that includes our three favorite candles when it comes to bringing the best in You .


"You Can" candle


Sometimes you just need a little motivation to get going. This zingy citrus fragrance, with kaffir lime, navel orange, lemongrass, (and topped off with warming coriander) is just the scent to move you from a CAN'T DO to a CAN DO!


"I'm On Fire" candle


Stop, drop, and roll your nose around this incredibly comforting candle! Smokey wood, cedar, and pine intermingle with orange, raspberry, and cloves, for a complete and total, WHOA!!! fragrance. Reminiscent of those good old campfire nights, without all the pesky mosquitoes!


"Hugs & Kisses" candle


Get your sniffer set for the lovefest - as delectable berries slow dance with an irresistible bouquet of fresh lavender, violet, vanilla, and honey. We are telling you, this scent is so dang blasted captivating, you'll want to date it. But, we mean. That would be a little weird. Even for you.


  • 70+ hour burn time
  • natural soy wax blend & paraben free fragrance oils
  • uplifts your mood & gets you in "NO BS" zone ;)
  • hand-poured with love in Sunderlan, ON.


Our candles are created with the belief that simple things, like candles, can be fun and creative. Made with eco-soy wax and a lead-free, cotton wick, packaged in a quirky recyclable aluminum can. Produced with premium locally sourced fragrance oils. Proudly made in Canada.



  • Return Policy

    If our candle doesn't burn exactly the way you think a candle should perform or there are any other reasons you are not satisfied with your purchase , please contact us within 7 days of receiving the product at sales@candle.wtf so we can make it right!

    We are more than happy to issue a refund, exchange for the similar candle or offer you any other similar price candle.​

    Sale items are FINAL SALE, 

C$78.00 Regular Price
C$59.00Sale Price

Proudly hand made in Sunderland, ON, Canada

from 100% locally sourced materials

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