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Hey guys! My name is Antonina, and I am a founder of WhatTheFun. 


I’ve always considered myself as, “scent-driven”, and often joke that I must be part hound.  As such, I have always loved scented candles, and started making them a couple years ago, as a DIY.


Not only did I get totally into the creative process, but also became fully immersed in the calming and/or uplifting affects of certain fragrances (set to the warmth of a lit wick). This (my hound-like sense of smell, creative prowess, and yen to zen) evolved into the idea of not just turning on candle, but turning off BULLSH!T.


When not actively engaged in candle-making, I’m overseeing branding, manufacturing, marketing and R&D (cause we always want to innovate and surprise).


I’m happy to be here. I’m happy you’re here. Chill is good. Bullsh!ts bad. And, happiness happens with candles.

I get asked a lot, and by a lot, I mean, a LOT, why we make candles in a can.  Like, where in the WORLD did we come up with this idea? 


In a word; Portland.


More specifically, a tea shop/factory I stopped in, seeing my first can seaming machine – yes! It was love at first sight! Sure, they poured artisanal tea into their cans and seamed them to go, but I immediately thought...what about wax? (Sometimes the mind just makes wacky connections like that). And, essentially after a brief, “how cool is that” moment, and several collaborative brainstorming sessions later, the entirely quirky, utterly cantastic, was born!


Daring, different, and decidedly free from bs – that’s what we (and our candles) are all about! We put our fiery passion for candles, and dedication to excellence into everything we do, so that you, dear customer, can enjoy a most rewarding shopping experience, and a world filled with fragrant, stress-free flickers!

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